"Styled by Science CEOs" is hosted by Ayo Aigbe & Megan Martis. Both women are young CEOs & founders of ventures in the clothing industry. With their shared backgrounds in science and engineering, Ayo & Megan use a unique lens to talk about sustainability, representation, and innovation.

With speakers ranging from professors to young founders to women in the workforce, you are sure to learn some shocking truths about the fashion industry, what it's like to build a company, and so, so much more!

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About the Co-Hosts:

Ayo is the Founder of the clothing care company Hangio and Megan is the founder of the sustainable hosiery and underwear company CLOVO. Using their learnings as founders in the fashion industry and hosting guests, the pair have brought Season 1 to life.

Both women have backgrounds in science and engineering and a shared pashion for entrepreneurship. They love engaging with people of different backgrounds who are also interested in the fashion industry. If you have any questions for them regarding an episode or about the fashion industry in general feel free to email them at [email protected]

What is Sustainable Fashion?


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